Radio Controlled Flying Club

19 & under memberships are now free!!

 Downloadour NEW Student Training  Manual with loads of great information about model flying.

Woodland Aero Modelers

At Woodland Aero Modelers we can help you with all aspects of radio controlled flying, whether you are totally new to the hobby or returning to it.

We offer free flight training. Our Instructors use the “Buddy Box” teaching method where the Instructor’s and Student’s radios are linked together. The Instructor can take control of the plane at any time. Mastering take-off, landing and basic flight should not take too long. Your Instructor will then sign you off as a safe and competent flyer and present you with your Solo Flight Certificate.

Help and advice on equipment selection and purchase is available. Most first time flyers opt for an ARF (almost ready to fly) or RTF (ready to fly) airplane made from either traditional balsa and plywood or from modern foam. Very little building or experience is required to get these planes ready to fly. Most manufacturers offer stable, easy to fly “Trainers” which are perfect for beginners.

Click here for some Trainer Airplane suggestions

Whatever your interest there is a plane for you … scale, civilian, military, glider, sport, aerobatic, jet, giant scale … the list is enormous. Airplanes are available as kits right through to ready to fly models and come powered by electric motors, gasoline or nitro engines. Club members are available to help with model building, repairs and technical issues.

Not sure if you want to get into the hobby?

Our 2024 Open House will be on either June 8th or 9th from 11am till 3pm.

The date will be confirmed nearer the time depending upon the weather forecast.

​Free introductory flights with an instructor will be available, subject to the weather. However, if you can't make one of these Open Houses you can always contact us to arrange a different time to visit the flying field, find out more about our Club or to arrange a free introductory flight.

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