Naperville Yard UPDATE

1607 Legacy Circle, Naperville


​150 ft by 105 ft with 45 ft ceiling height

​Wednesdays only

from 11:00 am till 3:00pm


​No flying on December 27 or January 3

Indoor Flying

Although our flying field is open all year round we also have access to various indoor sites for when it gets cold.​ Indoor flying is usually either free flight (i.e. powered by rubber band) or mini/micro electric. Please check what type of flying each site allows as well as their current/updated flying dates as these sometimes change.

Radio Controlled Flying Club

Woodland Aero Modelers


4750 S Vernon Ave, McCook

​​Unfortunately, there is no more flying at the MAX.

Trinity Lutheran School​

11503 German Church Road, Burr Ridge​

To enter the gym, go to the south end of the building, down the ramp and use that door, NOT the main front doors.

75 ft by 150 ft with a 23 ft ceiling​

Mainly used by free flight pilots but small electric planes and helicopters are permitted.

Thursday nights 7pm till 10pm

September 28th 2023 thru 25th April 2024

Check flyer for no-fly evenings and more information

$5 donation

Contact Phil Binter 630.852.5831