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Gas,  Glow  &  Electric  Aircraft  -  Radio  Control  &  Control Line
Fixed  Wing,  Land  &  Float  -  Helicopters  -  Multicopters  -  Gliders 

Many thanks to everyone who came out to one of our 2019 Open Houses.

If you would like to arrange to visit the flying field or take a free introductory "buddy box" flight

with an instructor you can contact us and set up a time to do so.

2020 Open House dates are June 14th and July 18th.

The DuPage Forest Preserve has CLOSED all model flying fields in DuPage. Please do NOT fly at our field until further notice.

​Click here for the video

​Do I need to register my drone, aircraft or heli with the FAA?

​​Yes! However, the requirements are slightly different for those who are not a member of an AMA Club, such as ours, or flying commercially.

​All the up to date information is on the FAA's website


19 & under memberships are now free!!

Radio Controlled Flying Club